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Wednesday, December 7

Last Stand

Been playing way too much Titanfall 2 recently, so inspiring!

Friday, November 11


Hello fam! I would like to share this fresh singularity's demo.
When robots have their own swagg we can say that singularity has happened ;)

I'm working on a personal project about art toys from a time ago and this is my first release, starting from a simple idea I do model, 3d print and all prototype process by myself.

 finished prototype before to cast mold

 aaand first batch of finished retail version!

art toys without a cool packaging and killer stickers aren't a big deal, so...

I use to post process stuff, wips at my instagram account,
feel free to check it at @ghetto_plastic or at my site for the rest of links:

Monday, August 22

Imagine FX

Fun little review in the October 2016 issue of Imagine FX magazine for book 3!

Monday, May 23

Inc Artist Nathan Fariss has added photographs of the unpainted Inc The Robot Model kit on his model blog. I designed and digitally modeled the Inc Robot, then Nathan adapted the model for 3d printing, produced the molds, built him and took the pictures.