Friday, October 17

Factory Robot

Hi everyone! Finally managed to finish this mech, it's a trial run at my Gumroad tutorial, 2D concept to Sketchup model, Keyshot rendering and post work in Photoshop. Just have to find the time to sit down and record this stuff! After a few renders I ended up finding some great images of the McClaren car factory interior, so slick and modern, looks like a lab, also after much experimentation with materials I ended up colouring the body this hot McClaren sports car orange, it really popped in the white lab and also lends a bit of an industrial robotic feel to it... Hope you like it, with any luck the next post will be about the tutorial! :) If you want to see more you can follow me here:

Babiru Kid.

Friday, October 10

Nuthin' But Mech Site B - Nikolai Lockertsen Now on NBM!

A fan of his work, I'm pleased to announce we've nabbed Nikolai Lockertsen! If you have an iPad and use the app Procreate, then you'll recognize his work. 

Thursday, October 9

Marauder Film lineup

Our good friend Bastiaan Koch has two engaging projects in production. With his experience as a filmmaker and 3D artist extraordinaire at Industrial Light and Magic, both are guaranteed to have a unique visual flare and engaging narratives. Click on the images to follow the production process of both films.

Bastiaan has enlisted the help of Nuthin' But Mech artists: Aaron Beck, Al Brady, Chris Bonura, Carlo Arellano, Vlad Ciuban and (very briefly) Lorin Wood, in the design and visualization of both worlds.

Is This Heaven?

Jack, a soldier in a future war, finds love in the after-life only to be revived, causing him to jump back into the fight ever harder, seeking death


Follow The Camera
Turning the found-footage concept on its ear, an attack on San Francisco sets off a mystery that's unraveled by following various types of media.

 Final mix at Skywalker Sound

Taffybot Black

Hi all, here's a personal project, Taffybot Black